"Social Media" isn't for everyone, but just because it it's for you doesn't mean it's not for your clients. Social media is not going anywhere: much like televisions, toasters, sliced bread, automobiles, email, online dating or Netflix; at one point someone thought these were fads. We've passed that “fad” phase with social media and it's here to stay. Although, the platforms change Myspace to Facebook, Pintrest, Twitter, Snap Chat to Instagram, Vine to TikTok, LinkedIn and Youtube...the list goes on.

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As an active member in the Northwest Arkansas community you may have met Erika before. She is the co-marketing chair of Women In Networking of Northwest Arkansas. You may also have connected with her at a number of local event. She frequently covers events for non-profits such as the Honoring of Heroes Gala.

She was also a regular on-air with Sunshine in the Morning on 104.9 The X in 2019. Her latest 2020 projects are a community video series surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find more information via her social media pages. Her second project is a podcast "Call Us Selfish", where the team encourage people to find their own voice for mental, physical or emotional well being. They also laugh and sing a lot. You can hear the podcast on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and Sound Cloud.

"Finding your voice, in the digital world"

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