ASAP, For Social Media "Awesome Sauce, A Persona For Social Media" is here to help you find your voice. That sounds simple enough. After you've spent hours running your company do you have time to follow the #hashtag trends? Know how to make a Snap filter for your event? Is your Facebook page filled with photos, but lacks engagment? Your office assisitant is there to help run your office, and social media pages? 


These questions, thats why were here. We've seen many companies lose customers because they couldn't be found or contacted. We are here to help your social media accounts: launch, renew,restore,maintain. Let us show you what we do, so you can do what you do best....run your company and enjoy your own social media.

Create your persona.
Erika Finnestead

She's been in the social media world since Xanga, all older Millennials had one. Erika was Born and raised in California. She went to college there and lived there most of her adult life. California is where she gained most of her experiance and knowledge. Always educating herself on new platforms and content creation. From Myspace --> Facebook --->. The thing about social media is you have to nuture and grow it.

Information overload? send her a Snap, Tweet, DM or email, she'll be happy to help.

Creative Director


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